For over 30 years, Evden Enterprises has provided high-quality, multi-axis CNC machining parts to engineers and purchasers from a large range of industries. Located in Northern California’s Ukiah valley, we’ve established ourselves as a leader in 5-axis CNC precision multi-axis and 9-axis multitasking CNC machining. We serve customers throughout Ukiah, as well as San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa and Sacramento, CA.
The Leader in Multi-Axis Custom CNC Machining

We utilize state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC machining to produce precision results, quicker.

Our process keeps costs low and turnaround tight, guaranteeing superior deliverables.

Our CAD/CAMs utilize a DNC software program for quick, error-free program transfer.

Consult with us about your product’s manufacturability for expert insights on production.

Precision CNC machining services

complex machined parts

When it comes to producing complex machined parts, CNC machining services are unrivaled. At Evden Enterprises, we’ve taken the convenience of precision CNC production up another level through heavy investments in multi-axis machine centers. Our facilities include a wide array of 3-, 5- and 9-axis machines, capable of high-speed, precision, custom CNC machining for even the most complex jobs. We’re proud to work with manufacturing engineers to bring their designs to life, and strive to uphold our reputation as a highly capable resource for custom CNC machining in Ukiah, as well as San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Rosa and Sacramento, CA.

We leverage our experience and state-of-the-art facilities to provide value-add solutions for every client we work with. Let us help you develop your value stream—from consultation about the manufacturability of your design, to the rapid production of said parts. Thanks to our multi-axis CNC machining equipment, we’re able to cut lead times, improve turnaround, reduce costs and all but eliminate defects.
Our scope of capabilities is diverse, ready to meet the needs of any project. Not only our knowledge of multi-axis CNC machining—but also our familiarity with difficult-to-machine stainless and nickel alloys, as well as plastics and other materials. We strive to meet the expectations of your design, right down to the most stringent specifications.

We’re a proud member of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

We have the experience and know-how to work directly with mechanical and manufacturing engineers, as well as purchasing managers to coordinate mechanical services. We can also coordinate with purchasing agents for mechanical parts companies to ensure companies get what they need, on-time and within-budget. Contact us today to see how we can integrate into your value stream and how our complex CNC machining services can meet your demands and expectations.


With three decades of experience, practice, training and hands-on evolution with CNC machining, Evden Enterprises has become one of the premier west coast experts in multi-axis product fabrication via CNC design and manufacturing. Because Evden regularly reinvests in the latest CNC machining equipment and capability, the company has continued to be a top-level CNC service provider for some of the most demanding industry players out there in aerospace, medicine, manufacturing, electronics and more. And now, Evden can even apply its expertise to 9-axis CNC machining, completely taking the computer-driven fabrication process to an entirely new level of possibilities. While Evden’s specialists aren’t working with a holodeck generating system, they’re coming pretty close to emulating what Hollywood dreamed of for years and making it a reality in manufacturing.

Key advantages of working and partnering with Evden Enterprises include:

  • Working with the latest and most advanced forms of CNC machining available, including the ability to meet high grade accuracy and timeline demands not possible with lower-level equipment.
  • Budget-sensitive work and productivity that makes accountants blush and all product delivered comes with a full guarantee of superior quality.
  • A reliable and long-tested DNC software system that handles all CAD and CAM file transfer without issue and error-free delivery.
  • A robust expertise that only comes with experience in the field, decades of work, and knowledge that can’t be replicated with websites or books, producing insight on new product creation that is unmatched by many other services.
  • 3-Axis Machining – A standard for bulk parts that need fabrication from design and are often made from hard materials such as durable metals, the 3-axis approach is ideal when low-cost and long-cycle work needs to be applied. This is the perfect approach for machine gears and parts that will be under significant stress and heavy work for their product life. Even then, quality still matters, and Evden Enterprises ensures every product unit produced can be relied on for far longer than its expected work duration after design.
  • 4-Axis Machining – Adding in an additional axis element, the 4-axis process handles complex machined parts that need a lot more work and detail to produce, but still needs to be cost-efficient in manufacturing. Quite capable of handling heavy machinery designs with hard materials, the 4-axis option puts custom-machining at the fingertips of customers with whatever design is needed with durable part production and a higher level of specificity than the base level of 3-axis machining.
  • 5-Axis Machining – Stepping into the realm of detailed and complicated part form, this level serves delicate part production admirably with considerable control over depth, curvature, shape, and compliance with specs that have very little variation allowed. Rather than worrying about a considerable loss and waste because of specs not being met, the 5-axis approach gives customers high efficiency while retaining extremely complex part design capability. This is an ideal system choice for electronics, medical, aerospace, and similar part design that applies a high level of engineering in programming and shaping.
  • 6-Axis Machining – When detailed work on small parts is needed with speed and time-sensitive output, the 6-axis approach is a winner. It takes the 5-axis advantage of intricate design and moves it to another level with how fast small, delicate parts can be produced. The 6-axis approach is also ideal when fabricating computer-designed parts that have to be made from materials much softer than typical machining metals. Aluminum, for example, is a very common material to use with 6-axis designs, producing amazing part output for some of the most complicated applications and machining needs.
  • 9-Axis Machining – Moving into the realm of almost complete human-level artistic capability, the 9-axis machining design is the highest level of CNC machining possible now, and it’s available with Evden Enterprises as your CNC manufacturing partner. Evden applies a state-of-the-art system approach to extrapolating products from 9-axis computer design files, with results that are not possible through other CNC services using lesser capable systems.


Evden Enterprises has worked for years at developing an CNC service that is hard to match with even the best competitors available. Evden’s equipment resources are oftentimes unmatched, and the team’s experience level is far higher than most other options. This means for clients an incredibly professional approach towards product design, validation, and production with CNC machining. The quality will stand out and be apparent in every order. To find out more, call or email Evden Enterprises today!


Evden Enterprises sets the standard for multi-axis, precision CNC machining for custom CNC machining projects. Contact us with the details of your production project or questions about capabilities.
We provide CNC machining services to all of California and beyond, including:
Ukiah, CA San Francisco, CA San Jose, CA Santa Rosa, CA Salinas, CA Monterey, CA Fresno, CA Bakersfield, CA San Diego, CA Los Angeles, CA Chico, CA Redding, CA


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